Sound Counsel Realty is a one of a kind full service real estate company representing buyers and sellers. Our innovative approach brings to the real estate industry a successful merger of highly skilled and experienced representation while saving every customer thousands of dollars compared to a traditional broker.

At Sound Counsel Realty we refund 15% of our commission to our buyer clients and charge sellers 2% instead of the 3% industry standard.

In addition, every client receives a real estate agent and a real estate attorney. We are well equipped to handle all of your real estate needs.



Home buyers choose Sound Counsel Realty because they want outstanding service by a real estate professional with the additional protection of having an attorney represent them throughout the process.

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Sound Counsel Realty provides full service to sellers at 2% commission, rather than the traditional 3%. Our services include HD professional photography, creative marketing, and listing on MLS.

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Short Sales

short sale

A short sale is a transaction where the owner is selling the property for less than they owe on the home. Short sales allow an owner to sell their home rather than face foreclosure.

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There can be tremendous value in foreclosures, but additional risk as well. With foreclosed properties, you are buying from a bank, often a bank without a presence in Washington.

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