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Magnolia consists of a wealthy bedroom community and luxury homes market just a bit northwest of Seattle and adjacent to luxury homes market, Queen Anne real estate. While considered a neighborhood of Seattle, Washington on the Puget Sound, Magnolia sets the tone as a particularly unique and affluent area, with a separate character and ambiance all its own. In fact, Magnolia WA homes for sale generate a high level of interest consistently for their posh, classic and vintage styles. They showcase impeccable and timeless luxury appointments, with excellence in original craftsmanship and remodeling. Some available homes may even include magnificent views, nearly all the way around.

Magnolia real estate includes well-planned and aligned neighborhoods. Many of these reveal homes beside the Puget Sound, with awe-inspiring views. For example, a trip down Constance Dr. W., will reveal a wide array of custom styles in numerous luxury homes, backing up to sprawling views of the Sound. On Magnolia Blvd., more beautiful, distinctly unique homes sit poised on high, exquisitely landscaped grounds, with completely uninterrupted views, facing the Sound.

Magnolia WA Homes For Sale, Exclusive, Luxury Real Estate

The neighborhoods has its origins in railroad and shipping interests. As these interests grew together with a military presence, residential interests grew. Roads improved and people found the hills of Magnolia desirable places to settle. Today, Smith Cove, a section of the neighborhood provides for a major cruise ship terminal. The charming town center provides for a marvelous experience in boutique shopping and dining. Magnolia real estate provides for an unrivaled opportunity in high-end, gracious living, northwest style.

For those that insist on the finest in luxury homes and an upscale lifestyle deep in the heart of the northwest at water’s edge, plenty of areas in the neighborhood may surpass expectations. A trip down certain tranquil, secluded lanes reveals elegant neighborhood planning, with lush greenery, shade trees and homes, just yards from shore. These homes come complete with private, oceanfront niches. Magnolia WA homes for sale come complete with a secluded, remote feel, on the peninsula. Some locations for available homes almost have an island feel. Although, for a true island experience, seek Bainbridge Island homes for sale, across the sound, or Mercer Island WA real estate, east on Lake Washington.

The Magnolia neighborhood comes with plenty of pleasant surprises in community amenities. It includes the largest park in the Seattle area, Discovery Park. It has an active Farmer’s Market, and marina. Some of its areas, like McGraw Street and 34th Avenue exhibit a lively atmosphere. Fisherman’s Terminal hosts docks on Salmon Bay, where fishing boats bring in their catches. The day’s catch can be purchased at the adjacent market. Find out more about Magnolia real estate and lifestyle.

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